Wedding photography

Leave the wedding photography to experienced professionals and you will get the ultimate service for your money.


Wedding photographer

Wedding photographer makes your special day even more special because the consequences of poorly selecting your wedding photographer can be very bad and expensive.

A wedding is a special day in your life and you can perpetuate it the right way.

fotografiranje i snimanje vjenčanja

Why you should hire an ISPWP member photographer?

Many new wedding photographers are flooding the market, and the number is steadily growing. However, wedding photography is a demanding profession and provides a number of challenges even for experienced photographers. Wedding photography requires quick adaptation to uncontrolled lighting situations and resolving unexpected equipment failures in a second-chance situation. A wedding photographer must be a master of the craft and well-versed in equipment to be able to make adjustments in an instant without thinking or hesitating. In this type of work environment, experience is essential to deliver beautiful images in a consistent manner.

How do you know your photographer has enough experience? How do you know that it operates according to professional business practices?

Each photographer and a member of ISWP must undergo detailed reviews before his application is approved. When you hire a wedding photographer who is also an ISPWP member photographer, you can be sure that:

  • he has long experience and that he is using the best equipment to capture images
  • has recorded many weddings and videos in a wide range of situations
  • and that he is subscribed and adhers to a professional code of conduct

above all; we respect and value your privacy and work closely with our clients to meet their needs

What is ISWP?

The International Society of Wedding Photographers is the organization of the best wedding photographers in the world.

They were created by professional photographers to raise the standards of the wedding profession.

ISWP is a wedding resource for clients who know they want the best photographer for their wedding.

When you hire an ISPWP member, you hire one of the most respected, professional and talented wedding photographers.

iswp profesionalni fotograf vjenčanja
iswp profesionalni fotograf vjenčanja
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