Photographing baptism, communion and children

Photographing the baptismal rites and family in front of the church, preparing baby and family in your home.

Nenad Blažević is a professional photographer for baptism, talking and photography of children

Photographer for baptism and communion

Photographer for baptism and communion

Photographing baptisms, communion and crises, children, children’s birthdays, babies when they leave the hospital. All these events are extremely important to record in a professional manner by engaging a professional photographer. Whether you want a special day of your child to be celebrated by an intimate gathering of the closest or greater celebration with friends and family, we will make sure we give you an unforgettable memory.

Photographer for baptism and communion
Why should you hire a professional photographer?

To take pictures of your mom’s moments when you engage a professional photographer, he takes care of the organization:

  • Photographing the baptism rites and the family in front of the church.
  • Taking photos of baby and family preparation in your home.
  • Going to a restaurant and taking photos of family and guests.
  • Photographing children at the location and in the studio.

Photographer for baptism and communion
Delivery of photos

Photos are delivered on a digital media of choice and can optionally be ordered with a choice of number of pages and formats.
The price of an album depends on the format and amount of pages.

iswp profesionalni fotograf vjenčanja
iswp profesionalni fotograf vjenčanja
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